About Singapore

Singapore is a bustling cosmopolitan city that offers a world-class living environment, with her landscape populated by high-rise buildings and gardens. Brimming with a harmonious blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture, Singapore is a dynamic city that’s rich in contrast and colour.

At present, Singapore’s population stands at about five million people with English as the main language of instruction and a mother tongue for each major ethnicity. One of the distinctly Singaporean things you’ll notice on our island is a ubiquitous collage of cultures. There are four major races in Singapore namely the Chinese (majority), Malay, Indian and Eurasian. Each community offers a different perspective of life in Singapore in terms of culture, religion, food and language.


Singapore is known for its hot and humid weather with little variation throughout the year. The average daytime temperature is 31ºC (88ºF), dropping to around 24ºC (75ºF) in the evenings. The monsoon season can bear down pretty heavily on our tropical weather from November onwards, so be prepared for rain on a daily basis during this period.


Singapore voltage is 220-240 volts AC (50 cycles) and you can use power plugs with three square prongs here. If you are lucky, you will be able to find charging points at the train stations or shopping malls.


The currency used in Singapore is the Singapore dollar (S$). Money changing services can be found not only at the Singapore Changi Airport but also most shopping centres and hotels around the island. You can also access the automated teller machines (ATMs) located everywhere (even in the most obscure bits) in Singapore, that accept most of the main credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Wi-Fi and Connectivity

  1. Pocket Wi-Fi – Suitable for connecting multiple devices at once and it acts as a mobile hotspot. Recommended if you need to connect to multiple devices and do not intend to make any calls. Available for rental at Changi Recommends Counters at Changi Airport.
  2. Free Public Wi-Fi – Look out for Wireless@SG decals as well as the SSID Wireless@SG on your device at MRT Stations, Shopping Malls,, Museums and Public libraries and many more. Overseas charges may apply. Click here for more information.