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19 March Tuesday


Professional Tire Service & the Tire Repair Market

In the automotive aftermarket, tire repair and maintenance services are becoming an emerging market trend and demand. Mr Henry Jackson, Tech China and Southeast Asia General Manager shares on the opportunities that these trends bring to fuel growth of the bottom line and how tire service can improve customer loyalty and viscosity.

Henry Jackson


General Manager of China & South East Asia of Tech International


On-Demand, Mobile Car Care Service: Friend or Foe to Your Business?

The mobile app technology is beginning to make waves in the Tyre industry, growing faster than a beanstalk. Mr. Dennis Melka, President of Whip Mobility, will share on his success behind Whip Mobility in the ASEAN region and take you through the trends in mobile app technology entering the replacement tire market and general car care both in and out of warranty. Dynamics affecting leading mobility car providers such as SoCar, Grab and GoCar will be discussed.

Dennis MELKA

Dennis MELKA

President of Whip Mobility

Dennis Melka has founded nine companies creating over 5,000 permanent jobs in hospitality, agriculture and telecommunications. He founded MisterTyre as an on-demand, direct-to-vehicle SAAS provider to automotive dealerships and tire chains in Asia and North America. The MisterTyre solution can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-jmaODXHzY. Mr Melka is a graduate of The School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington D.C.; he has lived in Southeast Asia for over 14 years.


The Future of Tyre Retail Eco-System

As businesses are moving towards the Internet of Things, the Tyre industry must rethink their approach to selling Tyres. In this segment, Mr. Ler, Founder of Tireler & Tyrepac, puts the evolution of Tyre channels under the microscope and explore the future of the Tyre Retail Eco-System. As a distributor, retailer or trader in the region, what can you do to handle these challenges going forward?

Ler Hwee Tiong

LER Hwee Tiong

Founder of Tireler International Consultants LLP

Ler started his tyre career about 24 years ago in 1995 after graduating from National University of Singapore majoring in Economics and Geography. His earlier part of his career in the corporate world saw him based in Singapore, Myanmar, then Hong Kong and Shanghai- before returning in 2008 co-founding Tyrepac (an e-commerce tyre selling platform with both B2B and B2C focus), and then founding Tireler Consulting in 2015 (with focus in retailing and brand consulting). His experience spans various channels from trading, distribution, retailing, and manufacturing- granting him great insights for consulting on channel management and change management. His passion for retailing was what made him set up Tyrepac, and later consulting in retailing.



Tyre Market Trends and Local Competition (South-East Asia & China Markets)

South-East Asia and China are expected to play key roles in augmenting the tyre trade over the coming years. What makes these countries appealing? What is the pricing trend and product visibility in each market? What are driving the opportunities in the various tyre segment?

Drawing from the big data by Lizeo Group, Mr. Quentin Passard, Asia Pacific Manager, reviews 2018 tyre price index trends and presents critical data and market specificities on South-East Asia and China – a must-attend presentation for any companies looking to venture into South-East Asia and China.


Tyre Market Trends and New Players from Asia (Europe & US Markets)

With a massive automotive market and high consumer spending power, these major factors continues to drive a lucrative tyre market in the United States and European region.

Drawing from the big data by Lizeo Group, Mr. Quentin Passard, Asia Pacific Manager, presents key pricing and marketing trends including social media listening lessons from 2018. Focusing on the upward shift of Asian Tyre manufacturers in the United States and European countries, Mr. Quentin Passard provides an analysis into the market share competition landscape.

Quentin Passard


Asia Pacific Manager of Lizeo Group

Quentin Passard is a Business development specialist who support CEOs, Marketing and Pricing executives and Planning managers to grow their business and tackle their challenges. After spending 13 years working in the APAC region on projects ranging from small to multimillion dollar deals, Quentin knows what truly brings added value to manufacturers and dealers by not only reducing their overall cost and maximizing their ROI but also by connecting the heart-beating people he is trying to help and communicate his understanding back to them providing strategic advices to better foresee coming issues. Since 2016, Quentin helped growing Lizeo’s business in the APAC area at a rate exceeding 50%/year by adding new customers in the portfolio and by enriching and customizing the worldwide offer we provide to our clients. Lizeo currently works with 80% of the top 20 tires manufacturers worldwide.

20 March Wednesday


Future Tyre Technologies in the next 3 to 5 years

David Shaw looks at some of the different technologies that will be used in tires over the next few years: these range from sensorisation to new liquid-phase mixing techniques and advanced materials. Sustainability will be high on the raw materials sourcing agenda in the coming years, so this presentation will also cover sustainable materials, the circular economy and even technologies that can reduce the generation of tire-road wear particles.

David Shaw

David SHAW

Chief Executive of Tire Industry Research

David Shaw is the owner and Chief Executive at a small company called Tire Industry Research (TIRes). He has 30 years' experience of the global tire industry. TIRes publishes a weekly newsletter on the tire industry in China as well as monthly reports on the global tire industry. These are regarded as some of the most influential publications in the tire industry and are essential sources of information and insight for many stakeholders. His customers include tire makers, tire wholesalers, and suppliers to the tire industry as well as financial institutions, other consultants, and government departments and industry associations. He regularly advises chief executives and corporate strategists on the future development of the global tire industry. David regularly presents at conferences and tire industry events in Asia, the Americas and Europe.



Alternative Financing vs Traditional Financing

What is alternative financing? What are the benefits compared to traditional bank financing?  When would alternative financing be a viable option?

Christine Goh

Christine GOH

Chief Operating Officer of Culum Capital

Christine Goh is the Chief Operating Officer of Culum Capital Pte. Ltd. which promotes financial inclusiveness for SMEs. She is a banking veteran with over two decades of corporate banking experience in HSBC, Citibank, Bank of America and Standard Chartered Bank. She has worked on mandates on trade and working capital solutions, cash management, debt capital market solutions (syndicated loans, bonds, equities, etc) and project finance. She is an avid supporter of microfinance to empower the rural poor to start businesses to get out of poverty, thus enabling their communities to grow and helping the marginalised poor to fulfil their hopes, dreams and ambitions.


Leveraging Trade Finance to Unlock Working Capital

Every business owner would like to stay competitive in the industry and trade on business terms favourable to them. In reality, it is difficult to achieve a balance and often times, it consumes a lot of working capital to stay competitive. How can you leverage on trade financing tools to optimize your cashflow and remain competitive?

Ginnie Chin

Ginnie CHIN

Co-Founder of Culum Capital

Ginnie is the co-founder and CEO of Culum Capital Pte Ltd. She has more than 16 years of experience in Trade and Supply Chain Finance, with local, regional and global roles. Her previous roles include Vice President Global Transaction Services for ABN Amro, Head of Supply Chain Finance North China for Standard Chartered Bank China, Director of Transaction Banking for Standard Chartered Bank Singapore and Vice President Global Trade and Supply Chain Finance for HSBC.


Risk Management Assessment For Your Business

In current environment of raising funds for additional working capital or capital expenditure, it is challenging for most companies getting additional trade facilities or term loans against the backdrop of trade war and lower global economic growth.

How does a financial institution normally assess your company’s request for additional banking facilities? Most international financial institutions operate on similar risk assessment model. What areas should a company focus on, prior to the financial institution’s annual review of your company’s banking facilities?

Ray Yap


Chief Risk Officer of Culum Capital

Ray Yap has more than 22 years of experience in credit risk, corporate recovery and relationship management at international and regional banks. He is currently the Chief Risk Officer at Culum Capital, overseeing its overall risk management. Ray’s previous roles at Standard Chartered Bank include Global Head of SME Collections and Head of Corporate Credit in the Philippines and Mekong. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics with honours from the University of London.