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19 March Tuesday

On-Demand, Mobile Car Care Service: Friend or Foe to Your Business?

The mobile app technology is beginning to make waves in the Tyre industry, growing faster than a beanstalk. Mr. Dennis Melka, President of Whip Mobility, will share on his success behind Whip Mobility in the ASEAN region and take you through the trends in mobile app technology entering the replacement tire market and general car care both in and out of warranty. Dynamics affecting leading mobility car providers such as SoCar, Grab and GoCar will be discussed.

Dennis MELKA

Dennis MELKA

President of Whip Mobility

The Future of Tyre Retail Eco-System

As businesses are moving towards the Internet of Things, the Tyre industry must rethink their approach to selling Tyres. In this segment, Mr. Ler, Founder of Tireler & Tyrepac, puts the evolution of Tyre channels under the microscope and explore the future of the Tyre Retail Eco-System. As a distributor, retailer or trader in the region, what can you do to handle these challenges going forward?

Ler Hwee Tiong

LER Hwee Tiong

Founder of Tireler International Consultants LLP


Evolution of the Tyre Market & Venturing into New Markets (US, EMEA, APAC & SEA)

20 March Wednesday

Future Tyre Technologies in the next 3 to 5 years

David Shaw looks at some of the different technologies that will be used in tires over the next few years: these range from sensorisation to new liquid-phase mixing techniques and advanced materials. Sustainability will be high on the raw materials sourcing agenda in the coming years, so this presentation will also cover sustainable materials, the circular economy and even technologies that can reduce the generation of tire-road wear particles.

David Shaw

David SHAW

Chief Executive of Tire Industry Research


Alternative Financing vs Traditional Financing

What is alternative financing? What are the benefits compared to traditional bank financing?  When would alternative financing be a viable option?

Christine Goh

Christine GOH

Chief Operating Officer of Culum Capital

Leveraging Trade Finance to Unlock Working Capital

Every business owner would like to stay competitive in the industry and trade on business terms favourable to them. In reality, it is difficult to achieve a balance and often times, it consumes a lot of working capital to stay competitive. How can you leverage on trade financing tools to optimize your cashflow and remain competitive?

Ginnie Chin

Ginnie CHIN

Co-Founder of Culum Capital

Risk Management Assessment For Your Business

In current environment of raising funds for additional working capital or capital expenditure, it is challenging for most companies getting additional trade facilities or term loans against the backdrop of trade war and lower global economic growth.

How does a financial institution normally assess your company’s request for additional banking facilities? Most international financial institutions operate on similar risk assessment model. What areas should a company focus on, prior to the financial institution’s annual review of your company’s banking facilities?

Ray Yap


Chief Risk Officer of Culum Capital